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Nur Hanifah, CEC., went from classroom teacher, lecturer, pedagogical assessor, and the team of senior advisor at the Ministry of Education
Prior to founding Bullyid, Agita has contributed to youth empowerment initiatives both national and internationally for over a decade. She h
I am a dedicated women in the work i do as a Phycisian. Bringing forth an empathetic and professional attitude, committed to providing patie
I experienced in counselling area proven as facilitator, peer counsellor, and psychologist assistant.
A fresh graduate majoring psychology. Interested on mental health industry, especially psychology assessment and counseling. Creative, passi
Kesehatan mental bukan tabu, tapi perlu. Langkah awal untuk menjadi kuat adalah dengan mengakui bahwa diri ini ternyata sedang lemah dan but
Saya adalah seorang calon psikolog klinis yang sedang menyelesaikan pendidikan magister profesi psikologi.
There is no failure. Only learning experience. It's an affirmation that i believe to overcome the challenges.
dayanti Sudiro lulus dari Universitas Tarumanegara pada tahun 1989 dan sudah mengajar seminar kesehatan dan hati sejak tahun 1999. Sekarang
Maria Josefina S.H, CHRM AAUI (FINA) is a Human Resources professional 21 years, trainer, a Founder, and Ceo AFIA Consulting, Digital and Fi
Irvandias Sanjaya (Dias) is an impact & human-development enthusiast. He's currently part of RevoU, a digital marketing ed-tech-based s
I'm a Mindfulness-based intervention and mindfulness for teen teacher. I'm also the co-founder of MindfulnessHub. I worked in heal
Sisil started her journey as a sex-positive content creator since 2018. She is a Yoni & Lingam specialist and Self-Love warrior. Her passion
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