Tiffany Efny Tampubolon, S.H.
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Tiffany Efny Tampubolon, S.H.
Hello, my name is Tiffany Efny Tampubolon. I am an experienced litigation lawyer specializing my practice in employment, civil, and criminal matters, with over 7 years of experience. My mission as a lawyer is to provide access to justice for people whose legal needs are still going unmet by providing a professional, efficient, and client-centric legal service. In the past, I have helped and represented local companies, multinational companies, and NGOs in handling their industrial relations cases in the Jakarta Industrial Relations court; advised them on various human resources matters; and also helped them to prepare their internal employment policies. Currently, I am conducting my own law practice, Tampubolon Legal Solutions, an Indonesian law firm based in Jakarta. While some employment lawyers just focus on helping employers or employees, I feel that working with both sides helps me to have a better understanding of my clients' needs. I am also a registered member of the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI).
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Sarjana Hukum - Universitas Indonesia

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