Victor Perdamaian Simarmata, S.H.
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Victor Perdamaian Simarmata, S.H.
Victor Perdamaian Simarmata obtained his law degree from University Of North Sumatera, Medan. During his career as a lawyer, he ever has established Legal Aid Organization and then has joined several well-known law firms in Jakarta which later formed him with many skills, knowledge, and solution for legal matters. He has had experiences in handling civil cases and business disputes, including shareholder disputes involving foreign companies, debt for corporate, and Victor Perdamaian Simarmata was attended and certificated Legal Auditor From Jimly School.

Working Experience:
  • SSP Law firm
  • Bachelor's Degree in Law - Universitas Sumatera Utara
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • English
Work Experience
SSP Law Firm
Bachelor's Degree in Law - Universitas Sumatera Utara

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